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Spring is finally here! Well, at least in theory. Winter clothes get banished to the back of the closet and our favorite summer t shirts, shorts and flipflops emerge to see the light of day. Unfortunately, your beloved flimsy, airy, and innocent looking footwear has been darkly scheming and conspiring all winter against you.

Over the years, the web has gained content seemingly exponentially. While it's wonderful to have all of this information at your fingertips, sometimes it can be a chore to sift through the multitude of health and wellness sites. I've compiled a short list of blogs/podcasts (in no particular order) I follow regularly below. Some of these blogs/sites have only small elements that I follow or pay attention to, while others offer a greater appeal with regards to content.

As another year gracefully fades and a new one eagerly appears on the horizon, it's natural for us to reflect on what we experienced the past twelve months and how well we moved through the world both physically and emotionally.

People that see me for massage therapy work know that I'm a huge proponent of "maintenance/preventative"soft -tissue work using lacrosse balls, foam rollers, bands, straps etc. Relying on the health of my own forearms, wrists and elbows for my livelihood, I'm always on the lookout for effective tools for self treatment and I've recently come across an especially effective tool for treating the forearm/arm. I purchased this item at full retail for $150.00 based on some reviews I'd read from people I trust.

Gentle readers, next time you are texting on your space-age wonder-phone, I ask you to pay attention to something: your posture.

I'm currently down in Oregon in search of wind and/or surf and have been logging many hours in a somewhat turtle-ey position while driving large distances in my car (yes, I feel some shame for a Mordor-sized carbon footprint). Being a lanky type of person, I sometimes struggle to sit upright in most vehicles without scrubbing my head into the headliner with my face cocked to the side like a driving wraith or zombie. For me driving position ends up being a series of compromises, and I simply resign myself to "undoing" the postural damage later.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing my first "float" here in Victoria at Float House, a newly opened local business catering to people looking for a place to unplug and "experience nothing". For many years I've been looking forward to the opportunity to try a sensory deprivation tank; a term that has been replaced by "Float" or "REST" tank.

Many studies on the benefits of massage therapy have been released over the years. There is much evidence for the beneficial effects of massage therapy for improving sleep, reducing pain, improving myofascial quality and function, as well as many other conditions. What many people don't know is that massage can be helpful for the cardiovascular system.

Thousands of knee and shoulder surgeries are performed every year at an enormous and multi-layered cost to our health care system as well as to us individually. But are these surgeries all necessary? Recent research on the surgical outcomes of specific types of knee and shoulder vs "sham" surgery or conservative (non-surgical) treatment may have you second guessing going under the knife.

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