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Variety is not only the spice of life, it is necessary with regard to functional training and "fascial fitness". When we train our muscles we concurrently train our fascial system. If we train the same systems using the same movement patterns with the same levels of effort, intensity, duration etc, we train our tissues in a very narrow and limited range. For example, someone who's sole exercise is running will place a narrow range of demands on their myofascial system. They may be "fit", but they are fit for running only.

Running on softer surfaces is helpful in preventing injuries, right? Well, it appears that this commonly held belief may not be true. According to a couple of American doctors in the article to follow, there are no articles supporting the idea that soft ground is better than harder surfaces for running health. Our bodies are amazingly adaptive when it comes to picking up on terrain input into the nervous system and adjusting muscle tension to both deliver power and absorb running impact forces.

A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that massage therapy was an effective modality in treating low back pain in a sample of about 400 patients aged 20 to 65 with chronic low back pain.

Patients received a one-hour massage treatment once a week over a ten week period. While the benefits of the 10 sessions diminished over time, the positive outcomes were still evident after six months.

This result is hardly surprising to the thousands of Massage Therapists and their clients already in the know.

Vancouver Island offers so many incredible places to connect with the outdoors. So often we look to other destinations for unique experiences when they are waiting for us to be discovered in our own backyard. Stephanie, Tosca and I decided to finally check out Botanical Beach, near Port Renfrew, after many years of listening to people rave about it.

Stephanie, Tosca, and I all just returned from a fantastic trip to the Southern Oregon coast for my first foray into competitive wave sailing as well as for some fun free-sailing with friends. The event was the 2011 Pistol River Wave Bash, and it marked the second stop of the five-stop American Windsurfing Tour (California, Oregon, Baja, North Carolina, and Maui).  Click here to check out some fun footage of the event.  (Steph has a cameo on the Day 1 video in a brief moment of fame at the 37sec mark.


I need to confess something. I feel a deep sense of guilt. You see, I drive an SUV. A smaller, underpowered SUV but nevertheless an SUV.

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