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Spring is just around the corner, which for many of us serves as nature's reminder to lace up those running shoes and hit the trails. For all runners, regardless of experience or fitness level, it's important to incorporate a post-exercise stretching routine. Stretching after you run, while your muscles are warm, helps to prevent many injuries associated with muscle tension and tightness.


The role of men’s health and sperm quality has become increasingly scrutinized in the arena of natural and artificial fertility. It definitely makes sense when you understand conception to be the union of egg and sperm but somehow over the past half-century we have agonized over women’s age, ovarian reserve, egg quality, while the men’s health has had little consideration. We know now that the healthier the couple can become the better their chances of conception.


At the Elements of Health Centre, we feel passionate about giving back to our community. Every year we choose one charitable organization to fundraise for throughout the holiday season. This year we've decided to support a local organization that's dedicated to creating possitive change within our global community.



Canadian Breast Cancer Run for the Cure - Sunday October 3


Celine Dion - Pregnant with Twins!!

The story was originally released by People Magazine but there are now countless newspapers, entertainment television people, and online blogs commenting about Celine Dion’s exciting news. After six attempts with IVF she is pregnant for the second time, the first pregnancy was with her nine-year-old son and now with twins.

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