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 I was hungry and in the mood for something very green. I could see some of the spinach and swiss chard getting that sad, wilty look to them and I immediately decided to make this tart to use up my greens. This tart is simple, nutritious and very easy to prepare- especially if you use Elana's recipe for the crust. I have made this time and time again and it always seems to come out just right. 


So here it is:


 It's amazing how easy it is to create a truly deicious frozen dessert. I keep shying away from these kind of recipes because I always think to myself: I don't have an ice cream maker! But guess what? You don't need one. And after this frozen yoghurt I recently made, I will never think twice about it. 

Yes, I just said that...

 I often get up in the morning and feel like I’ve completely run out of ideas on what to make for breakfast. It’s even more challenging since I don’t like to start the day by carbo-loading despite years of North American conditioning. I always have to remind myself, I do not have to start the day with cereal, no matter how many commercials I’ve watched since the age of five... continue reading on Julia's blog

Watercress is not quite in season yet, but I couldn’t help it when the craving hit. I was standing in the grocery store and out of nowhere a strong urge to eat watercress overcame me and I started foraging the produce section hoping to find it. I did find it at the lovely Market on Millstream and grabbed two bunches for the soup I wanted to make... read more on Julia's blog

So I am going to start off this post by asking you to watch the video below. Seriously, watch it, you won’t regret it. Also, my post will make more sense if you know what I am talking about and what inspired me.  Hot off the heels of the New Year I am sure many people are still trying to make their New Year’s resolutions last at least one week longer than they did the previous year.  So if you did in fact do something as foolish as make New Year’s resolutions, I am here to help you...

 So here we are. 2012. And here I am, awash in nostalgia. While most people start furiously resolving and planning things at the beginning of the new year, I have an intrinsic need to look back. While I’m prone to  surprise attacks of nostalgia throughout the year in general, it is a given that the new year is notorious for triggering one. I look back, I calculate how much time has passed, I panic. In that order.

 Another vegetable post. I know.

But hear me out... I've been on a slippery slope. It starts innocuously, with a gluten-free low glycemic cookie. I'll be driving by Lifestyles or Planet Organic and convince myself I need to stop and pick up groceries even though the fridge is quite full. I start wandering down the aisles, scanning the shelves for "healthy" snacks. Healthy, pre-packaged, processed snacks. The next thing I know I have a cart full of... read more on Julia's blog

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