Add Walking to your daily routine!

 I am a big fan of walking. It’s a wonderful way to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. There are numerous benefits to the body that can only be obtained through walking regularly. This has been shown to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, increase bone density, and help to increase flexibility and coordination. The WHO recently placed it’s recommendation to at least 120 minutes per week. However in this case, why not be an overachiever!

It’s good to prepare your body when starting to increase your time spent walking. We spend a lot of our time sitting, including biking, causing the angle between our hips and torso to become habitually shortened. This shortens and reduces the psoas muscle’s ability to lengthen leading to low back pain when standing. To prevent this, you can perform lunges to open up your hips. Maintain your balance in this pose - make sure there is something to hang on to if you need it.

After a long time spent sitting the gluteal muscles can become weak, leading to low back/hip and knee pains. Susan McLaughlin, physical therapist and Restorative Exercise Specialist, has a great post on ways to assess and increase strength to your gluteal muscles.

When starting up a new movement routine it’s good to start slow. Maybe a small 20 minute walk to the store, or around the block after dinner with the family. Any small step you can make to get moving can really add up over time.

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