Becoming a Locavore

Food just gets me excited these days.  Over the past year, I've really become more and more interested in seeking out local food sources and choosing to eat at restaurants that make this a focus on their menus as well.  It supports local business, reduces our carbon footprint (why eat berries from California when they are in season right here, right now?) and it just tastes better!

I really enjoyed the article in the Times Columnist this weekend, "Local cuisine takes a bite of the Island".  It gives some background on how the "locavore" movement  has sprouted and grown over the years on the island and highlights various festivals and events as well as markets, stores and restaurants.  A new find for me from the TC list is a European deli called Choux Choux Charcuterie.  I love hearing about new places to find yummy food and can't wait to stop by their store and sample their fare!

Chris and I are going to be camping this weekend so will miss out on Taste: Victoria's festival of Food and Wine but I've marked my calendar and look forward to attending the Feast of Fields event in September.  Both of these events look amazing!!

The best part of becoming a budding locavore for me has been learning to garden.  It doesn't get any more local than your own backyard!  In my case, I've actually used a long, narrow stretch of garden along the side of our driveway as it has great south facing exposure.  The variety of lettuces I planted have completely flourished - I'm yielding so much that i have been sharing with friends and neighbours.  Plus I have peppers, tomatoes, chard, leeks and zucchini coming along nicely as well. The novelty of filling our plates with food I've just collected from the garden just doesn't wear off.  in fact, it's growing. It absolutely makes my day to watch and discover how the plants grow, to lift up a leaf and discover new growth.  Just look at how cute my zucchini is in this photo! 

There are so many ways to enjoy the fruits and abundance of this magnificent Island!  Becoming a locavore is most definitely one of the highlights for me.

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