Birthing from Within


Last week a few of the Elements of Health Centre staff were invited to attend an evening of introduction for health care practitioners to a new series of prenatal classes for parents.  These classes for pregnant women and their support people are based on the book, Birthing from Within, and will be offered in Victoria beginning in the new year at the Yoga Together Studio.

Sarah Juliusson of Island Mother lead a wonderful evening and I’m very excited that these classes will now be available in the south island.  It has been my observation through the years I attended births as a doula and in my continued acupuncture/TCM work with pregnant women, that there is a tremendous amount of fear in our culture around birth.  Labour is the ultimate lesson and experience in surrendering. Regardless of how a child is born – by caesarean or vaginally, in the hospital or at home – I believe that women and their support people have deeply satisfying birth experiences when they are able to let go of their attachment to a particular outcome, look inward to connect with the wisdom and strength they need to deliver their babies and are able to be fully present to what is.

How does one soften their fear of the unknown? Here is an excerpt written by Sarah Juliusson.

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