Boosting Energy


This is a post for everyone who is looking to boost their energy. Actually, this post was inspired by a conversation I had with my colleague Stephanie, who will be returning from maternity leave soon and we were discussing the hours that we work at the clinic. I made a comment that I noticed that working multiple days in a row from the afternoon until the evening was more tiring than I thought it would be. I was surprised because I don’t consider working for six hours particularly draining, especially in an environment like our clinic, which is peaceful and where I feel engaged and find joy in my work. Getting to connect with patients is such a great part of my day. So at a dinner with some friends (a chiropractor and a naturopath), I asked them what they thought about their own schedules, and making sure they had enough energy until the evening. The answer seemed quite obvious… you have to take good care of yourself if you want to take good care of others. I thought about how true this is of people in all fields and capacities. The same holds true whether you are treating a patient, or looking after a loved one or your children. If your needs aren’t being nourished, how can you tend to the needs of those in your life or at your job? Self-care seems so obvious, and yet why does it slip through the cracks of our busy lives? I often find the culprit is the ever-resounding: “I just don’t have time to (fill in the blank).”

I woke up Sunday morning two weeks ago determined to have a look at how I manage my time and find a strategy to increase energy. I found myself really challenged by the days I start work at 2pm because I often have already been doing so much before I get to work. I always joke that I’ve already lived an entire life by the time 2pm rolls around. Most of my friends think I laze about brunching my mornings away (occasionally that does happen), but I’m often running errands, doing household tasks, walking the dog, prepping food and cooking, exercising, going to appointments, or doing work and answering emails. So after a brainstorming session with my partner, here are some of the things I implemented over the last two week... continue reading on Julia's blog

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