Christopher's Top Blogs For Health and Fitness

Over the years, the web has gained content seemingly exponentially. While it's wonderful to have all of this information at your fingertips, sometimes it can be a chore to sift through the multitude of health and wellness sites. I've compiled a short list of blogs/podcasts (in no particular order) I follow regularly below. Some of these blogs/sites have only small elements that I follow or pay attention to, while others offer a greater appeal with regards to content. I'm always on the lookout for quality blogs and podcasts, so if you have any favourites not listed here, feel free to take a pen and add to my list!

Mobility WOD (incredibly helpful site for "fixing" yourself).

Found My Fitness (cutting edge nutrition and science. Goes DEEP into the physiology side of things and includes interesting research on food and epigenetics).

The Movement Fix (mobility work).

Core Performance (training, diet, movement).

Sweat Science (science-based articles on a variety of health/training-related topics).

Breaking Muscle (Training/mobility work).

Joe Rogan Experience (Yes, he's "that guy" from Fear Factor and a cage fighting commentator/comedian, but he hosts some incredibly interesting guests on his podcast. Pick and choose podcasts from a variety of content and guests, ranging from cutting-edge scientists to other comedians. This is a great format using a very conversational style of interviewing leading to often unexpected directions and ideas. Be warned, Joe's style is completely uncensored and his own, which I personally find refreshing, especially with his scientist guests. It may take a few listens to warm up to him. If you have delicate sensibilities, however, give this one a pass).


I hope you enjoy!

-Christopher Curran, RMT


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