Claiming your personal health space

 A new year is upon us, and with this transition we tend to take stock of the past year and make resolutions to improve the next. Improving our health care is generally the number one resolution for the year.

Whether it’s to eat better or to exercise more, there are always things that we can find to improve upon. However, most of the time these well intentioned ideas fall by the wayside after a few months, and we find ourselves falling back into our old routines. Why is that? Is it that most try too hard or disrupt their normal routines so much, that it becomes impossible to fully commit to our resolutions?

I came across this article called "Claiming Your Personal Health Space" the other day, and it wonderfully lays out a tangible way to overcome the missteps of the past and how to easily lay out the groundwork for life long changes for the present and future.

Wishing you healthy boundaries and successs in achieving your dreams!

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