Cupping Therapy

 A lesser known therapy, but one of my favourites, is cupping therapy. I use cupping in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment. Time and time again, I find my patients have never heard of this surprisingly pleasant method of treatment. So, let's talk about it!

Cupping refers to an ancient technique whereby suction is created locally upon the surface of the skin. Using glass or plastic cups, suction is established by creating a vacuum with heat or a mechanical pump device. The suction gently draws the skin and superficial muscle layers up into the cup. These cups can either stay in one place or they can be moved from place to place, acting as an inverse massage. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is thought that cupping alleviates stagnation in your body from various causes. The alleviation of stagnation is helpful in treating a number of conditions.

Stagnation occurs when blood and qi flow is slowed down or becomes static. If blood and qi flow is slowed, local retention of blood and qi may occur. Application of cupping to affected areas such as your back, hips, neck and shoulders, can affect tissue up to four inches deep from the external skin. By improving the flow of blood and qi, muscle area is "loosened" and pain reduced. In addition, cupping is believed to release toxins from our body and can help clear congestion from the lungs.

Navel cupping is a treatment by which a cup is placed on the navel in order to pull out the "cold" from your body. Cold lodges in your intestines, stomach and uterus, causing a myriad of health concerns. In TCM terms, extracting cold is referred to as Yang restoration. Yang Qi influences our digestion, thyroid and other metabolic issues, immune function, fluid transformation and reproductive and sexual health. Would this cupping therapy treatment be indicated for you? To find out more, please visit this link ( .

thank you guys for sharing

thank you guys for sharing this wonderful and informative blog this is very useful article

Therapies of different kinds

Therapies of different kinds are needed for the people so that they can have more relaxation. In other words this link will make you more aware regarding every aspect so that we all have benefits.

This is a technique used in

This is a technique used in Chinese especially in order to feels fresh and relax by giving the heated cup of water to touch with the body. The first and foremost describes the purpose of this technique in details.

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