Day 10 and eating well while travelling


Breakfast: apple with almond butter

Lunch: Salmon omelette from Blue Fox (requested no dairy)

Dinner: dry fried tofu, a handful of walnuts and an apple

Eating well while travelling can be really challenging. If you are busy packing, or even working the day of your flight (like I was) it’s easy to rely on fast, processed food to feed yourself. Knowing that my day was going to be packed I had a quick breakfast and then ordered an omelette from Blue Fox to go because I knew it would be a healthy and filling meal. I also had the help of my partner, Shane since he ordered and picked it up for me, as well prepped my dinner which I took in a glass Tupperware on the plane with me. While people around me were ordering junky processed plane food, I took out my snacks and enjoyed them while watching a movie.

I also had a revelation of epic proportions while on this aforementioned flight to Toronto. I guess I should say it was more of a “re-revelation”. Keeping in mind how drying the re-circulated cabin air can be and how easy it is to get dehydrated while flying, I made an extra effort to drink water regularly. In fact, because I was so dry, I kept drinking a cup every hour or so. And all of a sudden I noticed something strange. After getting up early, working, rushing to get to the airport and taking a five hour flight, I actually felt more refreshed than I had earlier that day. Yes, I had more energy. Everybody knows drinking plenty of water is good for you, and we hear it over and over again in every magazine and health tome in print. But it is really amazing when you can feel the difference so clearly. I got off that flight at 1 am eastern time and I was feeling fantastic. Standing by baggage claim was suddenly not irritating at all. After waiting thirty minutes a gentleman next to me started to grumble about how cranky he was after travelling since 2pm. In the spirit of travel camaraderie I nodded and laughed but secretly I was thinking, man, I feel great. Travel should always feel this good.

When my parents showed bleary eyed to pick me up, I decided I would drive us back. I’m telling you, it wasn’t just the time difference (it was actually only 11pm for me, while 2am for them), it was the water!


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