Day 11 and a family get together...


Breakfast: two scambled eggs with cherry tomato salad on the side, apple with almond butter

The day after I arrived in Toronto, we headed over to my uncle and aunt’s house for a birthday get together in their beautiful backyard. I look forward to these occasions because my uncle, who is an excellent cook, always takes his guests on a culinary adventure as he serves several courses of beautifully prepared food with exceptional flavour. I thought this post would be a perfect example of how to navigate social get togethers if you have food allergies or are doing a detox, but in all honesty, it was not difficult at all. I skipped the first course which by the way was a tasty looking dish of spinach and ricotta ravioli tucked into larger sheets of pasta (as opposed to individual raviolis) and baked with a duck egg in the centre. He then grated fresh parmesan on top- it looked divine. To anyone who has gluten and dairy sensitivity, you can probably imagine the torture of watching everyone else enjoying an amazing gourmet dish like this but the next I thing I knew, a seafood bouillabaisse was being placed piping hot in the middle of the table. It was a mixture of clams, mussels, and gigantic prawns in an herbed tomato broth topped with fresh parsley. The next course, which was supposed to be like a small break between larger courses was grilled vegetables with balsamic vinegar served with hard, aged cheese on the side. I skipped the cheese but dug in heartily into the multi-coloured vegetables. The next dish was grilled mahi-mahi with polenta on the side. Although I don’t usually feel great when I eat corn, it was so good I was not able to stop myself from a second helping. For dessert, Hollywood gelato was served- and for anyone who is not familiar with this creamy, delicious, awe-inspiring gelato made in Toronto, it is heavenly. I know this because I was a frequent visitor of this establishment before I was more or less forced to give up dairy. At this point, it was not difficult to pass on the gelato, because I was full from all the food earlier and I snacked on some uber-sweet Ontario strawberries.

I drank lots of water with lemon and orange slices that my aunt prepared and didn’t think twice about missing out on the wine and champagne. By the time I got home that evening I did not feel overstuffed or lethargic. My face hurt a little from laughing so much over lunch with family and friends, but I don’t think I can complain about that. What a great way to kick off my stay! 


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