Day 9 and some interuptions….


Day 9

Breakfast: chicken broth with green vegetables (yes, I actually had soup for breakfast. It is an unusual way for North Americans to start the day but it is a great way to start with something easily digestable, low on the glycemic index, and replenishes electrolytes.)

Lunch: Green “sandwich” with chicken, mustard, cucumber slices

Dinner: was a coconut-curry salad with dandelion greens from Bliss (which was a superb sensory experience, I recommend it highly!)

I should probably explain how I made the “sandwich” bread for the sandwich at lunch, and I have to say I am enamoured of this recipe. Except, you really shouldn’t expect bread, per se. If you do, you’ll be disappointed by the texture, the appearance, and maybe even the taste. Instead, you should expect something totally, well, unexpected.
This recipe is from this lovely primal website. And if you are wondering what is the primal or paleo diet, here are some good resources. I like to combine aspects from many different diets to create the optimal nutrition for myself- which is it is sometimes difficult for me to share with others my eating philosophy.

In other news, I should note that I am currently on vacation in Ontario visiting family. I struggled with this interruption because travelling and eating in someone else’s kitchen can be really challenging if you are attempting a “detox”. I pondered postponing this blogging escapade but then realized: this is real life. Travelling and work and guests and family and other miscellaneous events create interruptions all the time. I realized it’s during these times that it is most important to adapt and keep going, even if you feel you’ve been taken off course. So I am going to continue to blog, and show you how I tried to make the best possible decisions while not beating myself over the head.


Stay tuned for how I resisted junky airport food and manoeuvred my uncle’s birthday barbeque…

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