Eating for optimal well-being... does it have to be expensive?


“Pay more, eat less”. This is one of Michael Pollan’s succinctly clever rules from his book “Food Rules.” It’s interesting that something as instinctual as eating now requires a manual on how to do it properly. And yet, even if we educate our communities, and strive to make better food choices, the question is not always: do people know how to choose healthy food? Sometimes the question is can people afford to? Does eating healthy and organic have to be expensive? The answer is not necessarily.

Supporting local businesses in Victoria is a great way to access less toxic food. Red Barn Markets carries local antibiotic and hormone-free meat that if often less expensive than certified organic meat and dairy. You can often get delicious organic or free-range eggs for a very reasonable price from various farm-stands on the drive to their Saanich location.

When buying produce, buying in season will mean cheaper prices, and when on a really tight budget, feel free to use the “dirty dozen” as guideline for which unorganic produce to avoid, and which has a low pesticide count to help you save money. Check out Finest at Sea in James Bay for amazing wild seafood, or print out this pocket guide to help you make healthy, budget friendly choices at your local grocery store.

Another fun way to eat well and save money is to make certain staples at home. If you buy almond milk, try making it at home. It is incredibly easy and when you are done you can dry the ground nuts and use them again by grinding them into a flour, or using them as a topping for cereal, granola, yoghurt, or crumbles! (Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on how to make your own nut milks in less than 5 minutes).

In the summer, take advantage of the overabundance (some would say infestation) of Himalayan blackberries taking over the Vancouver Island landscape. Find areas away from traffic and pick your own berries. Bring them home, wash, freeze and enjoy them for months to come, for free!

 ~ blog entry by Julia Dascalescu

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