Ending Female Pain


When Steph first suggested I read Ending Pelvic Pain, I was reluctant to say the least. My first instinct was to decline and my first thought; ‘Just another book that won’t work’ (but will initially get my hopes up that it will cure me after chapter 6)’! Not very positive I admit, but as fellow sufferers of chronic pain will understand, there is a limit to how many self care books you can read, how many practitioners you can visit and how many times you can engage all your positive energy and hope hope hope that this time you’ll make a breakthrough.

But it’s likely you same sufferers will also agree that if there’s a slight chance it will work, it’s worth another shot.
Ending Pelvic Pain is aimed at women who suffer from conditions such as vulvodynia, vaginismus, insterstitial cystitis, endometriosis and like me, post natal pelvic pain either in the hips, psoas, lower back and sciatic nerve.

Beginning with a basic and very understandable description of the various types of pelvic or sexual pain, the book’s mindful step by step account of successful self care is extremely engaging and informative. Even the simple 2nd chapter, entitled How To Use This Book recognises that there is a lot to undertake on a self recovery journey and that exercise alone will not determine a pain free life. This book is about the body mind connection, it is about banishing the negative internal commentary that plagues people suffering chronic pain (especially in the conversation censored genital areas) and it is about individuality – no two people share the exact same discomfort.

Even though my pain is not sexual, I found the descriptive pictures and techniques on how to self check your vulva-vaginal area extremely informative and I imagine those of you who do suffer from extreme pain in this area will be intrigued and relieved by the information Isa Herrera departs in this chapter.

In terms of stretching, self massage and even the basic descriptions of how to perform successful Kegel exercises, this is the most descriptive and understandable book I have come across. Although I have been told before to work on reverse Kegels, skin rolling and yin style yoga poses, I have yet to find a routine that focuses solely on my pelvic area, to release the muscles that hamper my daily routines and address the nerve pain I suffer every day.

After just a couple of weeks engaging in the Herrera Yoga series, I can honestly feel a release in my pelvic area. I still have pain and I still have it every day but I can feel it become less of a chronic pain and more of a chronic twinge! It’s a good start and knowing it is me who is facilitating this recovery is an empowering and positive feeling.

I cannot recommend this book enough, thank you Steph for passing it on!



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