Fertility Diet Cooking Show


Acubalance Fertility Diet Cooking Show
with Tiffany Pollard, Kathryn Flynn & Lorne Brown

Thursday, April 15th @ 7:00pm

If you missed watching this webinar live, click here to watch the recording!

Over the course of this event filled hour, you will not only witness the creation of a beautiful, fertility enhancing meal, you will also learn to how to embrace a way of relating to food and eating that is utterly life affirming and pro-creative! Discover the healing benefits and “energetic” properties of these tasty dishes and learn why certain foods are thought to boost fertility.
We will be preparing our colorful and mouth watering Northwest Salad, filled with hearty green veggies, a wild salmon dish that is succulent beyond belief, and a Quinoa Pilaf with our “secret” fertility supportive ingredients. As a bonus we’ll show how to make your very our Cultured Veggies. Filled with local probiotics, cultured veggies are an amazing way to boost immunity, decrease inflammation and help you absorb all of the precious nutrients from your food.
Here’s to foods that heal!

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