Get Moving!

"I'm a big advocate for movement; the more you can move in your day the better! A recent rat study showed how effective an increase in the level of movement within a day can influence the functioning of the nervous system. The New York Times summarized the study in their article "How Inactivity Changes the Brain".

An important aspect of movement is making sure you are moving well. This is particularly important for those currently leading a sedentary lifestyle. After a period of inactivity your body will have compensated and accommodated to your lack of movement. These compensations may alter your movement in such a way that any alteration may cause pain or discomfort discouraging you from progressing forward. Initially, it's best to book in with a professional to assess and treat your movement patterns, but there are things you can start doing now to help re-train your body and mind into moving the way it was meant to.

Nicole Crawford from Breaking Muscle shared a great article, "Load Bearing 101: Lessons from Katy Bowman on How to Hold your Own Weight". In the article, Katy describes three alignment markers to be aware of to ensure your body has a good base to start from. By incorporating these little markers into your understanding of how your body moves and looking into treatment/assessment options available like massage therapy and NKT, you can help to ensure you are indeed moving well."


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