This beautiful weather has me feeling really grateful for all the wonderful things in my life. I have been exclaiming every time I look at the ocean: “This is so ridiculously beautiful”. The sunshine makes the surface of the water look so sparkly and the contrast between the blue sky and green foliage everywhere is amazing. I have been walking around outside for hours just looking at things. I can't stop taking it all in, and smiling to myself. My left shoulder is unreasonably sunburnt and my feet really hurt, but I feel great. It made me realize how joy-inducing gratitude is. This is not a new concept- I think anyone who has ever listened to Oprah knows about the virtues of gratitiude journals. However, the sunshine this past week has really highlighted this warm, cuddly feeling that is brought about by being thankful. In the spirit of gratitude (and Oprah’s favourite things lists), here is a list of some of the things I am so grateful for right now:

1. Badger Sunscreen: free of the long list of hormone disrupting and carcinogenic ingredients found in commercial sunscreen. (Not naming any name here.)

2. Greek Yogurt Cheesecake: high in protein, and not so troubling on the tummy as cream cheese. Not to mention gluten and sugar free.

3. A walk on Dallas road

4. Serious coffee: the decaf africano with almond milk is fantastic. I am so grateful for establishments that offer organic coffee and alternative milks.

5. Pinterest: I love you, Pinterest. You inspire me with beautiful pictures and ideas, even if one or two of things you suggested were a flop. I still love you.

6. Dinner with friends. Eating out or in- spending time with friends makes life so much more enjoyable.

7. Moss St. Market: your organic produce is as handsome as it is tasty. Never have I seen kale leaves of this magnitude.

8. Sunshine. (But also see number 1.)

9. high quality supplements and natural products at a discount with $4 shipping. How can you go wrong?

10. Our dog. She makes me laugh so hard- even though she has become kind of fussy and occasionally has terrible, terrible gas.

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