How much is enough?


I read an article called “Enough” before the holidays and then like everyone else, got swept away in the busy-ness of the season. Chris and I had the tremendous opportunity to slow down and bring in the New Year at a silent meditation retreat on Salt Spring and as I read this article again while sitting down to write this blog entry, I am touched and moved by its wisdom. Our culture is just so incredibly busy and most of us are running our lives at a pace that is so fast, we are in a constant state of feeling tired and overwhelmed; just barely keeping up with everything we think we should be doing and accomplishing and achieving, and, and, and….. Or feeling like we’re not keeping up at all and dealing with the onslaught of negative self talk about not being _________(fill in the blank) enough.

The Globe and Mail wrote a 6 part series last month about the amount of stress we are under and the hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) cost on our lives.

As I reflect on the new year, what is important in my life and where I am going to place my intention and attention in 2011, the “Enough” article really resonates for me. My focus is going to be on doing less, not more. Those words may have a ring of sounding cliché, but my experience at my new years retreat was that the affect it has on ones life is deeply powerful.

The great Persian poet Rumi wrote some lines in the 12th century that still can guide us in the 21st:

Let yourself
be silently drawn
by the stronger pull
of what you really love.

~ blog entry by Stephanie

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