Ice, Ice, Baby Redux

Not long ago I posted a blog entry titled "Ice, Ice, Baby". This post referred to the dogmatic and poorly scientifically-supported approach most of us have followed with regards to the use of ice for injuries. The following video link (be warned, it's long-ish) goes a little deeper into the reasons to stop using ice to manage your injuries. Points to take away from this discussion: Inflammation is necessary for healing (so why are we so intent on "messing" with the process with ice?), the lymphatic system needs to be free to do its job in flushing waste to help with milking swelling away from the site of injury for better healing ("groceries in, garbage out"), and ice can impede or even reverse the proper flow of lymphatic drainage. Motion is lotion.

It's time to allow ice to finally realize its true and ultimate destiny: chilling your delicious and refreshing margarita. Don't waste it on your boo-boos.

Watch Video Here

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