Inspiration and gratitude

This week is Organ Donor Awareness Week and its launch is a cause very close to my heart.  I have written before about my very dear friend, Paul Underhill, who has cystic fibrosis and received a double lung transplant.  Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of Paul receiving the gift that saved his life.

Click here to watch a CHEK news clip and be prepared to be inspired!  Just one year post transplant Paul is training for the Tour de Victoria, a 140km bike race.

And here are a few words from Paul that were posted on his facebook page yesterday.....

"One year ago today, I woke up in the hospital coughing blood. Then I got the most important call of my life so far - new lungs! Today, I am overflowing with gratitude and awe over how amazing life is! I am joining a couple of friends, and plan to ride 100KM in celebration. Through that ride and beyond, I will be repeatedly thanking my donor, his family, my family and friends who made this possible. And more than anyone else, I will be thanking my wife, Sandra. Without her, I never would have made it to even get the transplant." 

Makes you want to take a deep breath and thank your lungs, doesn't it?

Please also consider taking a moment to register (or confirm your registration) as an organ donor.  Only 24% of us in Victoria are registered and doing so can help save a life.  Just like it did for my friend Paul.

Here is the link to the BC Organ Transplant agency website.

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