A jewel-like superfood

Pomegranates are one of those items in the grocery store that catch my eye but typically don't make it into my shopping cart.  Just too much fuss for a bunch of little seeds! 

Packed with powerful antioxidants and vitamins, this ruby-red fruit is a superfood that has been shown to be a cure-all for just about any ailment. It helps stomach upsets, menopausal hot flashes, hemorrhoids, conjunctivitis, osteoarthritis, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the immune system, wards off the flu, reduces inflammation, reduces risk of heart disease and lowers cholesterol.  

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pomegranates are considered a yin tonic. Though it is not used extensively in traditional Chinese herbology, pomegranates are employed to produce the fluids necessary to quench excessive thirst. Pomegranates are also used to treat dry, unproductive coughs and the chronic diarrhea that often follows a bacterial infection.

So despite my usual hesitation, I decided to go for it this weekend.  I had recently watched a youtube clip with a secret seeding trick so I thought I would give it a try...and it totally worked!  They all popped right out and I had the whole thing seeded without any red stains anywhere in no time at all.

Our daughter, Shae, loved helping and giving the pomegranate a bunch of whacks.  And the best part was how much she loved the seeds, she devoured a whole bowl!  She has a cold right now, so hopefully the immune boost and yin nourishment will help her beat the bugs.

During our shop today, we popped another two in our basket.



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