Lemon-Lavender Frozen Yoghurt

 It's amazing how easy it is to create a truly deicious frozen dessert. I keep shying away from these kind of recipes because I always think to myself: I don't have an ice cream maker! But guess what? You don't need one. And after this frozen yoghurt I recently made, I will never think twice about it. 

This recipe is gluten free and sugar free. For those of you that normally don't do well with dairy, you may tolerate this recipe better than you think. It is made with probiotic organic yoghurt and the probiotic bacteria often consumes much of the lactose found in yoghurt. It you are severely intolerant please don't make this recipe. I made this batch with Olympic 3.5% yoghurt which yielded a more crystallized, sorbet-like texture. If you want something creamier, go for a greek yoghurt.

For this recipe I used almost all local ingredients and it was fun to taste what I could make from ingredients found in BC. The lavender was from the Moss Street market from an organic farm and I picked up some Peace River honey from the grocery store. I simmered some of the lavender in the honey and then strained it out. 

I added the honey (3/4 cup), lemon juice (1 lemon) and some lemon zest (one lemon) to the yoghurt (4 cups) into a freezer-proof container. It needed more than 10 hours to freeze and it will still yield a softer texture, perfect for scooping. 

If you make this recipe, let us know how it turns out!

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