Love foods to spice up your Valentines Day


Looking for some ideas to spice up your Valentines Day?  Chinese Medicine considers arousal and sexual energy to be influenced by the balance of the yin and yang energy in both our body and our relationship.  Here is an excerpt from an article by MindBodyGreen that explains:

Yin refers to our body's substance and describes the way our body is nourished, moistened and cooled. Its functions include how receptive we are. Yang refers to our body's energy and describes the way our body creates movement and transformation. Its functions include our ability to initiate.

To be healthy sexually, our bodies need a balance of yin and yang and also in our relationships, we need balance between yin and yang. The whole act of having sex is a complex interplay of yin and yang in Chinese medicine.

• Initiating sex requires yang energy from either partner

• Being receptive to this initiation and transforming it into something mutual requires yin energy from the other partner

• The man's erection is yang

• The woman's ability to receive is yin

From here, lovemaking contains an interplay of yin and yang, or giving and receiving. This is true for gay and lesbian couples as well as for straight couples.  (read more.....)

For Valentines Day, consider adding some "love foods" to your romantic dinner that will help to stimulate and balance the yin and yang energies.  Warming foods help to build yang, so cooking with spices like cayenne, ginger or cinnamon are good choices.  Yin nourishing foods are cooling in energy, so consider including cold water fish like salmon or shellfish on the menu.

There are many other fun foods that are known for their aphrodisiac qualities.  The Aztecs referred to chocolate as the "nourishment of the Gods", and strawberries were thought to increase feelings of love among the Romans.  Have a peek at this article in the Toronto Sun for some love inducing recipe ideas.  Enjoy!

~ blog post by Stephanie Curran

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