March is Nutrition Month


“I came here to start a food revolution”- Jamie Oliver

If you watch Jamie Oliver’s show, you may have seen one particular episode where he goes into a classroom in the United States and holds up vegetables and asks the young students to name them. The problem? The children cannot properly identify many of the vegetables that he holds up. That’s a sad
truth for many households, where families have become so detached from the meaning of preparing and eating whole foods. The statistics are equally grim: the number one killer in North America is heart disease and the current generation of children are expected to experience a 10 year decrease in lifespan due to dietary related illness. But at the same time, never has there been a more perfect moment to start a food revolution, says Jamie Oliver in his brilliant TED talk. Never has the time been so perfect to share information and educate each other, as technology allows us to do today.

What can we do to make effective and empowering changes? How can you start a food revolution?

Changing the world can start in the home. Cooking real food at home, using natural and healthy ingredients is an invaluable tool that we can pass on to our children. It is an investment in their health and in their future. Wield your consumer power! Our choices can either support large corporations
that put preservatives, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and obscene amounts of sugar into food products, or local farmers that produce fresh, natural, or organic food. We have the power everyday to request that grocery stores carry certain foods, and we also have the choice to not buy into the disease promoting “food” lining the shelves (usually the middle aisles in the store, you know the ones!).

Try a two week challenge: shop only the periphery of the grocery store, or pick a different vegetable every day and experiment cooking with it, or cook/prepare every meal at home for 14 days. See how you feel afterward, and get a friend or family member to join in the experience.

And finally in celebration of Nutrition month check out these amazing resources:

Food Rules, by Michael Pollan
Crazy Sexy Diet, by Kris Carr
And of course, Jamie Oliver’s inspiring TED talk


Blog Post by Julia Dascalescu

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