Massage during pregnancy

I joined the EOHC team in early April as a massage therapist, and have enjoyed every minute of it.  Even though I am highly trained in treating a variety of ailments within the body, I spend much of my time working with women's health issues with a focus on pre and post-natal care.  I have seen first hand the positive benefits of massage therapy treatments in alleviating the emotional and physical discomfort felt during pregnancy.

Paula Jaspar, RMT, specializes in pre and post-natal care and she was recently featured on the Dr.Don podcast for AM650 radio, discussing the benefits of massage therapy for women and women during their childbearing years.

I will be completing advanced prenatal massage course work with Paula this summer and she is a very skilled practitioner.  This is an interesting and informative interview and I would encourage everyone to give it a listen!

Click here to listen to the interview and scroll to March 19, 2012.

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