Men’s Health and Its Role in Fertility


The role of men’s health and sperm quality has become increasingly scrutinized in the arena of natural and artificial fertility. It definitely makes sense when you understand conception to be the union of egg and sperm but somehow over the past half-century we have agonized over women’s age, ovarian reserve, egg quality, while the men’s health has had little consideration. We know now that the healthier the couple can become the better their chances of conception.

Recent studies have shown that:

• Damaged chromatin in sperm can affect early embryonic development and possibly contribute to miscarriage.
• DNA fragmentation in sperm significantly impacts successful fertilization.
• Elevated prolactin, which negatively impacts spermatogenesis, has been definitively correlated with chronic stress states.
• Growth hormone, which is secreted most abundantly during REM sleep, has been linked to the spermatogenic process.

The role of antioxidants in a woman’s fertility journey is well documented and recent studies have shown that they can be equally effective in improving male virility as well. There are many lifestyle factors that can cause oxidative stress on the cells in our bodies, including sperm cells.

Causes of subfertility:

• Emotional Stagnation – can affect intimacy, self-worth, negative thought patterns, poor stress management.
• Digestive disturbance – can cause membrane dysfunction, cellular metabolic challenges, confused hormonal signaling.
• Lack of rest.
• Chronic, unmanaged stress.
• High or low blood pressure – can cause erectile dysfunction and poor spermatogenesis.
• High or low cholesterol – precursor to all hormones.
• Drug/alcohol abuse and smoking.
• Medications – betablockers can affect motility, finasteride blocks DHT…etc…

In addition to using antioxidants in a traditional Western view, such as, vitamin E, vitamin C, carotenoids, acetyl carnitine and L-arginine to reverse the negative effects of oxygen free radicals, it has been shown that plants used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as Ren Shen (Ginseng) or regular Acupuncture treatments can also have positive outcomes. In the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine, classically, every problem is approached on the basis of individual constitutional analysis. All aspects of health and lifestyle are taken into consideration and then a diagnosis and treatment plan are implemented.

A blend of male antioxidants for fertility purposes is available to buy at our clinic. This formula has been specially compounded by Dr. Hudson of the Victoria fertility Centre.   Please call 250 383 2626 for further information.


Blog Post by Jonna Eggerer

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