Organ Donor Awareness Week


April 17-25 is Organ Donor Awareness Week and this is a cause that is very close to our hearts.  We have a very dear friend with cystic fibrosis who has recently been transferred to a Toronto hospital in the hopes of increasing the odds of receiving a new pair of (donor) lungs as soon as possible.

Many people are under the impression that they are registered to be organ donors, but often they're not (it is no longer on your driver’s license or Care Card). The biggest way that people can help others waiting for a transplant is to type in their Care Card number and check their registration status NOW at: Only 18% of people in BC are registered for organ donation. Taking a moment to confirm your registration could literally help save someone's life.

If you are interested in connecting with one, very beautiful soul's journey as he waits for new lungs, please have a read though a website that has been developed for our friend Paul.

Please also check out the BC Transplant Society's new public service announcement (30sec). 

~ blog post by Stephanie and Chris

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