Postpartum Care Boxes

When I joined the EOHC team I was incredibly excited that the focus group of clients was in their reproductive years. Everything about getting pregnant, being pregnant and watching families grow is exciting for me. For two years now, as I have worked with new moms and babes, I have seen true benefit from the use of traditional eastern postpartum care. The challenge is finding practical ways to use this care without adding stress to the already hectic schedule of a new mom.

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to share some of these practical ideas for postpartum care through the Mommy Boost Month lecture series. The response was very positive and prompted our clinic to make this information and treatment more accessible. Starting in October we are happy to announce that Fridays are now Family Friendly! This means that new parents can come in for treatment and bring their little ones along instead of having to accommodate child care. Treatment options for infants and children can also be explored and our clinic will be set up to make sure babes are well cared for.

The other great addition to our clinic shelves is our traditional postpartum care gift boxes. Inside these new gift sets are great ideas for practical self care during the postpartum period that have been used for centuries by many cultures to help with the healing process after labour and delivery.

Each gift in the box comes with uncomplicated instructions and the beauty of these restorative kits is that they can be used from home. Every ingredient has been carefully selected and is specifically tailored for a recovering momma.

Here’s what’s inside the box:

Sitz bath – Natural herbs and Epsom salts used to heal and soothe the perineum
Congee – Traditional Chinese Herbs and a recipe to make nourishing rice porridge, perfect for aiding recovering, re-energizing and building blood
Moxabustion – A stick of mugwort to burn for Mother Roasting (Mother roasting means to keep a mother nice and warm for her postpartum weeks)
Little Red Envelope with jade or coin – A small token for prosperity and good fortune.

A great baby shower or hospital visit gift, the care boxes retail at $25. If you would like any more information about them, contact the clinic on 250 383 2626, we’ll be happy to help. - - generic viagra viagra no prescription <a href="">viagra online</a> - - buy drugs in canada tadalafil tablets 20 mg <a href="">perscription drugs in canada</a>

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