Protect our local food


 My aunt sent me a link to this video last week and it is well worth 3 minutes to have a peek.  The video gives an alarming picture of the status of our farming situation in Canada and the dramatic impact we can have by simply paying attention to where our food is from and choosing to buy Canadian.


We can also take a step further and choose to act locally!  Madrona Farms, located near Victoria, has entered into an agreement with The Land Conservancy of BC (TLC) to ensure that the agricultural productivity and ecological values of Madrona Farm are protected forever. They have a fundraising campaign underway for the purchase of the farm by the community it serves.  The placement of the farm in the hands of a land trust will be the first of its kind in BC, and part of the solution for local food security.  You can make a donation to help support this important project or help by voting for the farm to receive grant funding (please vote daily!). 

Food is an essential element of our health.  We all know that eating well is important but equally important is knowing where our food comes from and ensuring the sustainability of our food sources.  By choosing to eat locally and/or Canadian, we have a huge impact on not only the food we are putting in our bodies, but also the food for generations to come.

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