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Celine Dion - Pregnant with Twins!!

The story was originally released by People Magazine but there are now countless newspapers, entertainment television people, and online blogs commenting about Celine Dion’s exciting news. After six attempts with IVF she is pregnant for the second time, the first pregnancy was with her nine-year-old son and now with twins.

The best part about reading the articles, for me, is that her and her husband, Rene, are honest about their exhausting journey with fertility treatments. Celine says she feels like she has been pregnant for a year. I know that many women on the same journey can sympathize with her, having to constantly monitor their cycle and have injections making them feel a “little nauseous” and a “little bloated” and a “little headachy”. But also like Celine are determined to “continue with IVF until it works” because “there are no accomplishments bigger than (being a mum).”

The other really exciting thing about Celine Dion’s successful sixth attempt is that she incorporated the use of acupuncture during her IVF cycle from a Chinese medicne practitioner in Montreal. One of her reps says that she plans to continue support treatments throughout her pregnancy until she delivers in November.

At the Elements of Health Centre, we work closely with the Victoria Fertility Centre to offer patients this same eastern and western approach to fertility. We are also delighted to a part of the Lifestreams Wellness Program, which is a team of health care providers who offer wholistic and supportive care to men and women who are struggling with fertility.

- blog entry by Jonna Eggerer

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