Splash Prize!

One of our new moms came by the clinic last week to pick up her "splash prize" and I thought I would share news of what this is all about.

Women frequently come to our centre to receive acupuncture treatment for cervical ripening and labour prep between 37-40 weeks.  We often see moms who are past their date and are hoping to tip the scales and induce labour as well.

Last month, a mom-to-be came to see me for acupuncture.  She was a few days past her due date and her husband was going to be leaving the country in a few days for several months.  Understandably, they were quite eager to deliver!  While on the table, I gently stimulated one of the acupuncture points and she said "Oooooh, I just felt something "pop".  I explained that her babe had probably moved in her pelvis and that this was a good thing, as the point I was manipulating at the top of her shoulder had a 'downward' energy to it. 

About 10min later as I removed the needles, she reported that some gentle contractions had started.  As she stood up to get off the table, we quickly realised what the 'pop' had been....her water had broke!!!  

This photo of a gorgeous little girl was taken the next day and mom is the lucky winner of a "splash prize" along with her new bundle of love.  The prize was a complimentary postpartum care box (click here for more details), full of wellness and self-care support for new moms.

Certainly this does not happen every day in our clinic, but it sure is exciting when it does! 

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