Spring Smoothie Boost

I have always enjoyed smoothies.  They taste great and are a wonderful way to pack in a whole bunch of nutrition and goodness.  I find them especially handy to take on the go when rushing out the door in the morning (without missing breakfast!) and as an afternoon snack when there is a tendancy to have an energy slump.

We were blessed this past Christmas with the very generous present of a Vitamix!  I literally clapped my hands and squealed "YAY!" when we tore off the wrapping.  These appliances not only blend up smoothies to the best consistency you've ever experienced, they are a blender, food processor, nut butter maker, ice cream maker, grain grinder...plus so much more. 

The best part about making smoothies now is that we can throw in whole vegetables and not loose out on all the good fibre that becomes waste with traditional juicers (click here for more info on the sugar spike of juicing)

Here are a few favourite recipes that are a big hit in our house right now.  I just ordered a book called the "Best Green Drinks Ever" and look forward to sampling more!


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