Squats: Gotta Love 'Em!

Squats are one of the most basic and fundamental human postures. Starting as children we instinctively go into a deep squat when we wanted to reach for something low or hold ourselves in a stable squatting position to engage in play. Observe any small child and you'll notice how instinctive and important this posture is. However, after a long period of sitting primarily in chairs and/or wearing poor footwear, adults can have trouble getting into this once important movement. Like everything we do, practice is vital to maintaining your skills; how you move and how much availability you have in your body to move is no exception. Thankfully, slowly introducing lost fundamental movement patterns like the squat into your daily life can not only lead to improved dynamic and static posture, increase gluteal strength and back pain relief, it will open up a wonderful new confidence in your body's ability to navigate through life. Katy Bowman, M.Sc., of the Restorative Exercise Institute has long been a advocate for re-introducing movements like the squat. In this excellent article on the subject, You (Still) Don't Know Squat, she once again explains their importance and ways to prepare and stretch your body to ensure safety.

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