Stress Reduction and your Fertility


 "Just relax and it will happen". While these words may not have been offered with any ill will or malice by family, friends or loved ones, they are deeply hurtful (and frustrating!!) to anyone experiencing challenges with their fertility. I find that statements like this can actually cause more stress to arise, as now a woman is stressing about being stressed....and the negative spiral continues.

There is no doubt that struggling with fertility is stressful. However, there is much you can do to reduce stress and cultivate equanimity as you continue through your journey.

The New York Times ran a story last week about the benefits of yoga for fertility classes. While no studies have proven that yoga has increased pregnancy rates in infertility patients, students of yoga-for-fertility classes say that the coping skills they learn help reduce stress on and off the mat. (in Victoria, yoga for fertility classes are offered at Westside Yoga Studio)

A recent study published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility has suggested a link between fertility and stress. "Evidence from these trials suggests that stress-reduction techniques can improve pregnancy rates in couples who use in vitro fertilization and related methods. With such findings it would appear that patients would benefit if they were enrolled in various stress reducing programs when try to conceive. Mind body programs, support groups, acupuncture and massage appear to offer the greatest benefit". (excerpt from the blog by Dr.Kreiner of the East Coast Fertility Centre)

Along with these holistic approaches of support, there are many "free" activities and lifestyle choices that are helpful for stress reduction as well.  A listing of ideas for nourishing yourself with self care are available for you on our website.

The greatest gift you can give your potential child is to love, honor and respect yourself.

~ blog entry by Stephanie Curran

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