Stretching tips for runners and walkers


Spring is just around the corner, which for many of us serves as nature's reminder to lace up those running shoes and hit the trails. For all runners, regardless of experience or fitness level, it's important to incorporate a post-exercise stretching routine. Stretching after you run, while your muscles are warm, helps to prevent many injuries associated with muscle tension and tightness.

Along with post-exercise stretching, Registered Massage Therapy has proven to be an effective adjunct to a healthy runners routine. By helping to release myofascial adhesions, lengthen muscle fibres and release trigger points Massage Therapy can help treat and prevent injury to a runner's muscles and joints.

This article in yesterday's Globe and Mail highlights the benefits of post-run stretching and includes an excellent two-part "stretching for runners and walkers" video series. Enjoy!

~ blog entry by Jane Podmore RMT

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