Take a Break, It's Good For You!

The Health Benefits of Travel

Travelling is definitely one of my favorite things. I have fond memories of family vacations as a child, travelling with girlfriends after high school and now family vacations with my husband and children. Travel has always been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable for me. While it has been generally accepted for centuries that travel and vacations provide time to relax and rejuvenate, more and more research indicates that travelling may also provide long-term health benefits.

A growing body of research suggests that vacationing is associated with physical and mental well-being. Not just the acute benefits associated with taking a break for a week or two, but rather long-term health benefits such as reduced risk for heart disease and mental illness. As we age and our physical and mental capacities decline, travel becomes an increasingly important piece of the well-being puzzle. For more information please read an interesting white paper on healthy aging and the benefits of travel here.

Like exercise or diet, travel should be undertaken throughout life as part of holistic health. Just as exercise shouldn’t be postponed until one is unfit, travel should not be a reaction to physical or mental impairment. Rather, regular travel should be undertaken to prevent physical and/or mental suffering. Travel- enjoy different foods, different languages, different people and different places. Stimulate your brain and cognitive function. Develop coronary well-being. Strengthen relationships with friends and family. Boost the romance and excitement in your life. You’ll be happier and healthier in the short and long terms.

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