T'is the Season for Berries!

I absolutely love this time of year, everything is in bloom and gardens are being harvested. Walking home from tennis yesterday I noticed a blackberry bush is already ready to be picked! It's incredible we can start picking blackberries already; we've truly been fortunate this year.

Whenever we're overrun with berries and warm weather, my partner and I love to indulge in My New Roots' Cashew Dreamcake. It's my go-to birthday cake request! We've tried a few different variety of berries and absolutely love it with freshly picked local blackberries. This cake is such a simple, delicious and cooling treat on these warm summer nights. It can be sweetened with local honey and dates so there's no need to worry about any odd processed sugar to spoil the enjoyment of this treat.

Playing with this recipe really opened up our eyes to how adaptable cashews can be, and really added to our appreciation of how a simple blender can really open up new avenues in the kitchen. We've even used the cashew cream, without mixing in the berries, as an icing for lemon poppyseed cakes. It was perfect, and I can't wait for more cashew cheese experimentation in the future! You should definitely give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Well maybe a little since it'll barely last a night or two without being devoured!


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