Yummy Bars

I'm always on the hunt for good snack recipes.  Most of the bars you find in the store are crazy expensive and they are loaded with sugar.  I much prefer creating quick but nurtitious "fast food" options that I can easily make at home.

These Chocolate Chai Chia Energy Bars are gems and the latest favourite in our house.  I've tried making them with almond and peanut butter (both are yummy!) but you could easily subsitute with sunbutter to make them no-nut freindly for school lunch boxes. 

The extra perk about these bars for me though has been the discovery of the "Perfect Petites" mold.  I have a bunch of silicone utensils in my kitchen love having some bakeware now too.  It is eco-friendly, super easy to clean and does indeed make the perfect sized petite bites!


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