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Elements of Health Centre

Dec 15th, 2014 9:05am

As another year gracefully fades and a new one eagerly appears on the horizon, it's natural for us to reflect on what we experienced the past twelve months and how well we moved through the world both physically and emotionally.

One Small Thing
Dec 1st, 2014 8:22am

Wheat is a cereal grain cultivated around the world. It is a leading source of vegetable protein in the human diet and, after rice, is the main human food crop. Clearly, wheat is a valuable food source. As with most things in life, with the good comes some bad. Wheat is associated with a number of health issues. Among more well-known wheat-associated disorders such as allergic and autoimmune (e.g., celiac disease) are those related to increases in insulin. Wheat-induced increases in insulin are linked to a number of negative outcomes. Included in these is acne.

Wheat and Your Skin
Nov 12th, 2014 12:34pm

Katy Bowman biomechanist is at it again with her amazing new book “Move Your DNA”. In this book Katy dives deep into why it is so important to move your body but also truly defines the term movement. She states that a lot of our typical ailments and diseases are actually caused by our own captivity.

Review: "Move your DNA"
Nov 3rd, 2014 8:43am

People that see me for massage therapy work know that I'm a huge proponent of "maintenance/preventative"soft -tissue work using lacrosse balls, foam rollers, bands, straps etc. Relying on the health of my own forearms, wrists and elbows for my livelihood, I'm always on the lookout for effective tools for self treatment and I've recently come across an especially effective tool for treating the forearm/arm. I purchased this item at full retail for $150.00 based on some reviews I'd read from people I trust.

Armaid Review
Oct 27th, 2014 7:44am

Ah yes, that old adage….

Healthy sperm, is an important piece of the reproductive puzzle. Unfortunately, the health of these little swimmers can, and often is, neglected in the quest for optimal reproductive health. When preparing for conception and a healthy baby, it is equally important for the man to nurture his physical and mental well- being as it is for the women.

It Takes Two
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