If you read the New York Times this month, a controversial article entitled “Is Sugar Toxic?” by Gary Taubes may have caught your eye. Whether it delighted or enraged you, perhaps you can agree that at the very least it has ignited a thought-provoking dialogue in our society about the consumption of sugar. So, I present to you some food for thought. No really, here’s a recipe.



The following excerpt is from the Breast Cancer Fund website....

We know BPA is all around us, and alarming reports show that the chemical is in almost 95 percent of us. And we know that laboratory studies have linked BPA to breast cancer, along with a whole host of other serious health problems. But what is the leading source of the BPA that contaminates our bodies? If we removed that source, how much would our BPA levels drop?




Canadian Breast Cancer Run for the Cure - Sunday October 3

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