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I just had the most beautiful morning with my two boyz.  Chris and I walked down to the beach with our dog, Tosca.  We threw sticks in to the ocean for our pooch to swim and then sat on a log to watch the start of the Swiftsure race off of Clover Point.


If you are celiac, you better sit down for this news.

Researchers in Melbourne, Australia are shifting into phase two trials for a celiac vaccine. Before reaching for a Mont Royal bagel though, you should know that although the phase one trials were very promising, they were done in mice and we have yet to see the results in humans.


I'm so excited about the cupcakes I made today.  Yummiest little treats ever and they are sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free to boot.  My husband, Chris, will often have a slightly hesitant, pained and suspicious expression when I'm raving about a new healthy recipe that I've just tried for the first time.  But these cupcakes didn't last 24hrs in our house.  


If you read the New York Times this month, a controversial article entitled “Is Sugar Toxic?” by Gary Taubes may have caught your eye. Whether it delighted or enraged you, perhaps you can agree that at the very least it has ignited a thought-provoking dialogue in our society about the consumption of sugar. So, I present to you some food for thought. No really, here’s a recipe.



The following excerpt is from the Breast Cancer Fund website....

We know BPA is all around us, and alarming reports show that the chemical is in almost 95 percent of us. And we know that laboratory studies have linked BPA to breast cancer, along with a whole host of other serious health problems. But what is the leading source of the BPA that contaminates our bodies? If we removed that source, how much would our BPA levels drop?


“I came here to start a food revolution”- Jamie Oliver


Looking for some ideas to spice up your Valentines Day?  Chinese Medicine considers arousal and sexual energy to be influenced by the balance of the yin and yang energy in both our body and our relationship.  Here is an excerpt from an article by MindBodyGreen that explains:


Making your own nut milk is really fun and easy. Actually, not only is it easy, but it is also a great way to avoid all the starchy fillers in commercially made nut/soy milks, maximize nutrient availability, and save money. You can also feel really good about it regardless if your goal is to avoid dairy, or optimize your diet for fertility, pregnancy, or healing your gut!
Give it a try!

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