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This spring I took on another rite of passage as a parent; teaching my son how to ride a bike. I have been enjoying his company on the back of my bike for the past three years and have joyfully watched him master the balance bike but it was time to nudge him closer to being able to ride on his own. I have always enjoyed riding a bike and wanted to pass that skill on to him as soon as he was ready.


The role of men’s health and sperm quality has become increasingly scrutinized in the arena of natural and artificial fertility. It definitely makes sense when you understand conception to be the union of egg and sperm but somehow over the past half-century we have agonized over women’s age, ovarian reserve, egg quality, while the men’s health has had little consideration. We know now that the healthier the couple can become the better their chances of conception.


Most of the websites, books and resources related to fertility are directed towards the treatment of women; however, it does take two to make a baby.  A new book called How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup, is a man's guide to anything and everything in the infertility universe.

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