I recently had the pleasure of experiencing my first "float" here in Victoria at Float House, a newly opened local business catering to people looking for a place to unplug and "experience nothing". For many years I've been looking forward to the opportunity to try a sensory deprivation tank; a term that has been replaced by "Float" or "REST" tank.

"If you take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves."  

I just read this Tibetan saying in a newsletter I subscribe to called Just One Thing: Resources for Happiness, Love and Wisdom.  A beautiful and timely reminder for this time of year when the temptation is to load ourselves up with all sorts of promises of change and resolutions. 

Here's a small excerpt.....

A few words from our new acupuncturist, Celina:

I've never really been one for making New Year's resolutions.  I'm a goal oriented kinda gal and my mind is often engaged in planning.  I don't feel a particular need to make new goals just because it's January 1st.  My brain is wired to do this year round.

Today is most definitely fall.  Grey, damp and cool.  I often find myself resisting this time of year and feel a sense of dread with each day becoming shorter.  I woke this morning feeling the heaviness of the sky but as I've carried on with my Monday, I've been reflecting on a poem by Rumi that was posted on facebook by a dear friend this morning and I find myself feeling lighter.

The Oregon coast is stunningly beautiful!  My husband, Chris, and I have recently returned from a two week holiday along the coast and I've been smiling fondly as we organize our photos (here's a few to share, Chris' handle on the site is "Winddoctor").


This is a beautiful lecture on connection, vulnerability, compassion and living with authenticity.  Really worth the 20min.


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