It's World Breastfeeding Week Aug.1-7 and seeing all the posts and articles on my facebook newsfeed has me reflecting on my experience with breastfeeding.  She and I struggled together with getting her to open her mouth and latch properly.  But despite the painful nipples, blocked ducts, mastitis, crazy pumping schedule and some tears...we perservered.  We eventually made it to exclusively breastfeeding and she is now 13 months old and is still a "nummie" girl.

Scar Healing

My sister recently had a beautiful baby girl via a c-section. Since then, she has been feeling some numbness and discomfort around her scar and was curious if acupuncture could help with the healing process. Yes, indeed it can. As she lives in Norway, I am unable to treat her. So, I instructed her to find herself a qualified local acupuncturist and in the meantime, shared a simple scar healing technique. The following treatment is designed to alleviate immediate discomfort and to set the stage for better scar healing.

Over the past few years I have had the joy and pleasure of working with families, in varying capacities, throughout their child bearing years. This work has been both fascinating and rewarding, and has taught me many things about the miraculous capabilities of the human body and spirit. Some of these lessons have come from watching women recover from cesarean deliveries while caring for their newborn babies. Instantly selfless, these women's unwavering love and commitment to their new baby so often results in their own health and wellbeing becoming secondary.

When I joined the EOHC team I was incredibly excited that the focus group of clients was in their reproductive years. Everything about getting pregnant, being pregnant and watching families grow is exciting for me. For two years now, as I have worked with new moms and babes, I have seen true benefit from the use of traditional eastern postpartum care. The challenge is finding practical ways to use this care without adding stress to the already hectic schedule of a new mom.

Acupuncture & Registered Massage for New Moms and their Babes.

As we come to the end of World Breastfeeding Week, this story is the perfect way to highlight the ends mothers will go to in order to support their children and each other.

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