Mind-Body classes

Skills for Everyday Mindfulness

Do you feel like your fertility journey consumes all of your thoughts? Does your body and heart feel exhausted from "trying"?  Join Stephanie Curran as she teaches mind-body techniques that will help to relieve stress and support you in feeling grounded again.

  • Cost:         FREE but space is limited so reserve early!
  • Location: The Nature of Movement.,  #6- 2020 Douglas St (between Discovery & Pembroke St)
  • Dates:       no classes currently scheduled - please visit our "Readings and Resources for Mindfulness" webpage for helpful tips, links, podcasts and books for self study and practice

Feedback: Here are some reflections from the men and women who have attended these classses:

~ "It felt really good and comforting to be in the company of other people who share a similar experience, without having to share too much or be in the heaviness of the pain body of the fertility journey"

~ "I honestly cherish every opportunity for mindfulness and relaxation, in a world full of chaos!! I also find comfort in sharing with others that are going through a similar path as my own."

~ "I loved the relaxation exercise toward the end, and I have used the technique a couple of times already when I have woken up in the night and had trouble going back to sleep. Very helpful!"

~ "Stephanie creates a welcoming environment....I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in learning easy and practical ways to relieve stress."

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