The First Trimester

During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, there will be few outward signs of the great changes occurring within your body. This can be an anxious time, especially if you are not yet fully confident about your pregnancy. Along with the many hormonal changes the body is undergoing, many women feel quite fatigued, experience great emotional highs and lows, and have periods of nausea and sickness.

Common problems that are effectively treated by TCM include:

Morning sickness and Hyperemesis (severe vomiting)

Four to six acupuncture sessions during the early weeks of pregnancy can help reduce and eliminate symptoms of nausea and vomiting. research

Helpful hints

  • Rest if you feel tired
  • Eat what your body tells you to eat and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Eat small, frequent meals
  • Avoid fatty or spicy foods
  • Have a snack before bed to prevent blood sugar levels dropping at night
  • Keep a snack by your bed to eat first thing in the morning before you get up
  • Infuse 1tsp of freshly grated ginger in a cup of boiled water for five minutes and drink two to three cups daily or sip frequently throughout the day
  • Other helpful teas include chamomile, fennel, spearmint and peppermint

Nuritional support

  • B6 – wholewheat, chickpeas, seeds, hazelnuts, raisins, bananas and brown rice
  • B12 – milk, yogurt, and white fish
  • Zinc – poultry, meat, sunflower seeds, wholewheat bread, almonds and ginger
  • Magnesium – nuts, wholegrains, dried apricots, tofu and wheat germ

 Threatened miscarriage

Acupuncture, moxibustion and/or herbal support may help reduce the risk of miscarriage and alleviate the associated symptoms of backache, abdominal pains and spotting of blood.

Helpful hints

  • If you suspect that you are about to miscarry, be sure to seek medical advice from your doctor or midwife
  • Avoid hot baths
  • Get plenty of rest and reduce activities (especially exercise)
  • Nutritional support
  • Take a prenatal multivitamin daily
  • Supplementing with extra antioxidants like vitamin E and selenium may strengthen the placental link and reduce spotting. Foods that are rich in these vitamins include sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, seafood, brazil nuts and garlic
  • Avoid coffee, tea and soft drinks as caffeine has been linked to miscarriages


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