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The following are a list of articles written on acupuncture and Chinese medicine and/or related health topics. We feel that these articles may be of interest and will be helpful in providing you with further information.

General infertility

  1. Infertility: Tobacco, Marijuana, and Other Drugs
  2. The Effects of Caffeine on Fertility
  3. Coffee 'worsens poor fertility' - BBC News
  4. Growth Hormones in Beef Linked to Infertility
  5. Healthy lifestyle reduces risk of infertility due to ovulatory disordersBy Ben Wasserman
  6. Is Stress to Blame For Infertility? The debate. - By Charlie Fidelman
  7. Infertility Rates at 1 in 6 - Toronto Sun
  8. Yoga For Fertility - CBS News
  9. When Enough is Enough - The Emotional Challenges of Infertility & the Process of Moving On. - By Eileen Ivey, LCSW-C & Joan Rabinor, LCSW-C
  10. UBC Study Reveals Significant Gaps in Fertility Knowledge-
  11. The Waiting Game - American Fertility Association Blog


Female infertility

  1. Blending the Science of Reproductive Technology with the Art of Traditional Chinese Medicine by Randine Lewis
  2. Fertility, Naturallyby Randine Lewis
  3. How can Chinese Medicine treat Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?by Randine Lewis
  4. Mitochondrial DNA Essential for Successful Oocyte FertilizationFertility and Sterility
  5. Body weight and fertility - Science Daily
  6. Caffeine and miscarriages -
  7. Acupuncture may increase chance of IVF success - CBC
  8. The Fertility Diet: Eat Right to Get Pregnant - By Deborah Kotz
  9. Secondhand Smoke Raises Odds Of Fertility Problems In Women - Science Daily
  10. Increase your chances of conception with fertility dietCalorieLab
  11. The Evolution of a Revolution: How Traditional Chinese Medicine Brings IVF into Modern TImesPaul C. Magarelli, MD, PhD, FACOG
  12. Cancer Rare after Fertility Treatment - Reuters Health
  13. Miscarriage is Normal -
  14. Improving fertility through nutritional medicine -
  15. Stopping Infertility Treatment and Moving On to Other Options- American Fertility Association
  16. How much does chemotherapy affect fertility in young women? -
  17. Acupuncture IVF Fertility Discovery - New ResearchHealth Care Medicine Institute


Male infertilty

  1. Acupuncture Improves Fertility in Men, Too - Acupuncture Today
  2. Boxers or Briefs: Myths and facts about Men’s Infertility
  3. Detrimental Effect of Alcohol on Male Fertility
  4. It Seems the Fertility Clock Ticks for Men, Too - New York Times
  5. Marijuana May Impair Male Fertility
  6. Smoking May Harm Sperm, Male Fertility
  7. What Lifestyle Factors May Affect Male Fertility?
  8. Acupuncture May Improve SpermFertility and Sterility
  9. Men's diets will help fertility - Courier Mail
  10. Healthy sperm: Improving your fertility
  11. Antidepressants may harm male fertilityBy Peter Aldhous
  12. Cell Phone Use
  13. A Biological Clock for Dads TooBy Elizabeth Howton
  14. Men's age affects fertility, report saysCanwest News Service
  15. Obese Men Have Less Semen, More Sperm Abnormalities - ScienceDaily
  16. Putting on weight can cut men's chances of fatherhood, experts warnBy Fiona Macrae
  17. Diabetes linked to male infertility
  18. Environmental exposures can have an impact on whether men's 'boys' can swim - Canadian Press
  19. Get your sperm moving - Health News Digest
  20. Heavy cell phone use tied to poorer sperm quality - Fertility and Sterility
  21. A Low-Tech Approach to Fertility: Just Relax  - New York Times
  22. The Claim: Regular Use of Hot Tubs Can Hurt Fertility in Men - New York Times
  23. Healthier diet, stronger sperm? - HealthDay
  24. Protecting your fertility — for men - Calgary Herald
  25. The Myths and Truths about Male Infertility - Calgary Herald



  1. Acupuncture Offers Relief for Discomforts of Pregnancy
  2. Use of Codeine Products by Nursing Mothers - Health Canada News
  3. 10 Things Not to Say to Parents of Preemies- Common Health
  4. Acupuncture as theraputic treatment option for threatened miscarriage-
  5. Mama, Baby Alignment -
  6. The Last Days of Pregnancy- A Place of In-Between-


Breast Cancer

  1. Acupuncture Reduces Side Effects Of Breast Cancer Treatment - ScienceDaily
  2. Fish oil supplements linked to reduce breast cancer risk - VancouverSun
  3. Lessons I Have Learnt Over Seven Years With Cancer- WedMD
  4. Sex After Breast Cancer Best Health Magazine
  5. Acupuncture Can Aid in the Care of Breast Cancer - The Epoch Times



Women's Health 

  1. Acupuncture effective treatment for postmenopausal hot flashes
  2. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine may help women with chronic pelvic pain-


Injuries and pain

  1. Interview with Dr.Pomeranz - Researcher of the acupuncture endorphin theory
  2. Acupuncture as a primary therapy in treating musculoskeletal pain
  3. National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine - Acupuncture
  4. Acupuncture's secret - Blood flow to brain study tries to explain how technique works
  5. Acupuncture in the Treatment of Sports Injuries: A Western Perspective
  6. Acupuncture for arthritis
  7. Acupuncture Relieves Pain and Improves Function in Knee Osteoarthritis
  8. World Health Organization - Summary of pain articles
  9. Acupuncture's effect 'isn't just psychological'- The Telegraph


Stress Relief/ General Well Being

  1. Acupuncture really can reduce stress levels, scientists claim Daily News


  1. Benefits of Massage Therapy for Arthritis- Arthritis Today
  2. Benefits of Pregnancy Massage w/ RMT Paula Jasper- listen to podcast of Dr Don Show- scroll to Mar.19, 2012 



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