Breast Cancer

Recovery of the hematopoietic system by Si-Jun-Zi-Tang in whole body irradiated mice.
Hsu HY, Yang JJ, Lian SL, Ho YH, Lin CC.

Source: School of Technology for Medical Sciences, Kaohsiung Medical College, Taiwan, R.O.C.

The purpose of this article is to comprehensively summarize the associations between carotenoids and breast cancer and quantitatively estimate their dose-response relationships.

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2012 Jan;131(1):239-53. Epub 2011 Sep 7.


The findings suggest that higher mammographic density is associated with more aggressive tumor characteristics and also with in situ tumors.

 Affiliations of authors: Department of Surgery, Division of Public Health Sciences, Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine, St Louis, MO (LY, GAC); Division of Epidemiology, Department of Health Sciences Research, Institute for Public Health, Washington University in St Louis, St Louis, MO (GAC); Department of Pathology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (LCC, SJS); Channing Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (BR, RMT); Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN (CV) 
Correspondence to: Rulla M. Tamimi, ScD, Channing Laboratory, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, 181 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115 (e-mail:

Healthy lifestyle was associated with a reduction in the odds of having breast cancer. Primary prevention of this disease should be promoted in an integrated manner. Effective strategies need to be identified to engage women in healthy lifestyles.

Source: Centro de Investigación en Salud Poblacional, Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

Electro-acupuncture is a possible treatment of vasomotor symptoms for women with breast cancer and should be further studied for this group of women.

Source Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University Hospital of Linköping, Sweden.


The use of triptorelin-induced temporary ovarian suppression during chemotherapy in premenopausal patients with early-stage breast cancer reduced the occurrence of chemotherapy-induced early menopause.

Traditional CHM does not reduce the hematologic toxicity associated with chemotherapy. CHM, however, does have a significant impact on control of nausea.

Source: Department of Clinical Oncology, Prince of Wales Hospital, Institute of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Cancer Institute, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), China.

Ear acupuncture for hot flushes--the perceptions of women with breast cancer.
Walker G, de Valois B, Davies R, Young T, Maher J.

The combination of Huang Qi (Astragali Radix)-based Chinese herbal medicine and platinum-based chemotherapy is more effective in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer than the chemotherapy alone. An analysis of data from 34 published clinical trials suggests that at 12 months the mortality rate was reduced by 33% among those treated with the dual therapy. The Astragalus may work by stimulating macrophage and natural killer cell activity.

(McCulloch M et al. Astragalus-Based Chinese Herbs and Platinum-Based Chemotherapy for Advanced Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer: Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials. J Clin Oncol. Jan 20 2006: 419-430)

Source Department of Medicine, Center for Health Services Research, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37232-8300, USA.

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